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Top 5 Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries

Top 5 Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries

Top 5 Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries

October 27, 2019 Cannabis Lifestyle

Top 5 Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries


Canada’s legal cannabis market has experienced tremendous growth over its first year of legalization. In fact, cannabis industry analysts estimate revenue to reach CAD $2.5 billion through 2019. Edible, beverage, and vape sales are set to start by the end of 2019 and will reinvigorate the retail market. Canadians and tourists alike can visit hundreds of licensed dispensaries in the Great White North.

If you’re over 19 (or 18 in Quebec and Alberta) years old, you can visit a recreational cannabis dispensary as long as you bring a photo ID. Medical consumers require a medical marijuana card to visit a medical dispensary. Whether you’re a medical or recreational user, these are the top five Canadian dispensaries you must visit.


1. Farm Cannabis

Farm Cannabis, formerly the Farmacy, moved beyond its roots in the grey market to set-up two locations in Victoria, British Columbia. Their sleek, clean, and minimalist design provides consumers with a safe and comfortable space to purchase a range of products. Flower enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that Farm carries over 50 lab-tested strains including organic and CBD-rich strains. The Farm is an award-winning cannabis dispensary that features embedded in-counter digital menus, credit and debit payment options, and an overall modern industrial look. They offer free consultations Monday through Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm to answer all of your cannabis questions. Best of all, every in-store $2 ATM service fee goes to local charities. Now, you can finally say you’re smoking weed to help those in need.

2. Fire and Flower

Fire and Flower have grown into a powerhouse dispensary chain with over 30 locations and more to come in Ontario and Western Canada. Their chic and vibrant retail stores offer customers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to shop for top strains such as the sativa-dominant Great White Shark. Short on time? Sign-up for their Spark Perks membership to order online, pick up in-store, and receive exclusive discounts and event invites.

3. Nova Cannabis

Nova Cannabis is another power-player in the dispensary world. With 19 stores throughout Canada, Nova Cannabis has captured a wide market share due to its premium product selection, knowledgeable staff, and a relaxed vibe. At Nova, you can enjoy the convenience of a self-serve kiosk to keep the line moving. Customers can also attend weekly cannabis seminars to learn more about the plant. Nova focuses on streamlined the shopping experience by displaying pertinent information about products and strains.

4. Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke’s ethos is guided by a design-forward perspective in its retail locations. A successful father-and-son entrepreneurial team has developed the brand into an award-wining dispensary with a bold coffeehouse aesthetic. You’ll find exposed ceiling pipes, muted tile floors, and other innovative store features. Stop by any of its 11 stores (1 in Alberta, 6 in Manitoba, and 4 in Ontario). Customers will notice the clear layout and interactive features making shopping easier. Some strains are encased in a white and clear pod/orb that you can pick up to examine and, sometimes, smell the strain. Products are categorized into five types depending on the mood you’re looking for. For example, choose Go for energy, Rise for curiosity, or Pause for relaxation.

5. Superette

Superette’s shop has all the aesthetic charm of a vintage diner and a museum wrapped in one. Ottowa’s Superette currently has one store in Wellington, but plans to have a second spot in Ontario soon. Superette’s design is bright, white, and sleek. A focus on negative white space and wall accents make this an experience to behold. Customers can order from paper menus to harken back to the golden past.


Canada’s dispensary market is heating up with many chains vying to take the top place. Smaller or single dispensaries opt for experiential design elements and the highest-quality products to keep customers coming back for more. These five Canadian cannabis dispensaries have proven to be the best in the business in terms of customer satisfaction and quality of products.