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The Best Strains for Staying Productive

The Best Strains for Staying Productive

The Best Strains for Staying Productive

January 31, 2017

The Best Strains for Staying Productive

Despite being cannabis enthusiasts, we all have responsibilities and need to be productive. Whether it's firing off emails or taking consecutive conference calls, you like to perform tasks with complete focus and poise. Productivity and cannabis may seem oxymoronic given that cannabis is widely known to help things like pain relief, stress, and sleep problems, yet some strains may give you focusn and energy. It's worthing noting that some strains for some people will have the complete opposite effect, so this article should be taken as a recommendation from our personal experiences, which may or may not differ from yours. 

For those who have experimented in the past with cannabis while trying to be productive, this scenario may sound familiar: after a few tokes, I sat down in front of the computer and couldn't figure out why I was there, let alone how to use the keyboard. One of two things has happened: I either smoked too much or smoked the wrong strain for productive time. There's been a lot of talk these days about micro-dosing (e.g. taking one hit of 10mg or less) and its benefits, primarily solving the first of two aforementioned problems, yet little scientific research provides data on whether it may or may not affect productivity. The following is our unscientific take on the best strains for productivity.  


Swazi Skunk Hybrid - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Taste: Earthy, minty, skunk
Texture: Many red hairs
Color: Medium to dark green

The original Swazi Gold strain has been lost due to cross pollination in Swaziland and many foreign growers bringing in Indica dominant seeds into the region. The new Swazi Hybrids are somewhat denser with a higher THC percentage due to the Indica cross. New users find this strain unproductive and lethargic when first smoked but after a small tolerance build up the Swazi Hybrid makes for a perfect all day smoke that keeps away pain and worries while keeping the mind clear to focus on work. The Swazi Hybrid is not an 'official' strain and so many varieties exist with many different phenos. Generally the more Sativa dominant Swazi is better for productivity and contains less than 5% THC while the Indica dominant varieties can get up to THC and be more lethargic in nature.


Jack Herer - Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Nose: Earthy
Taste: Woody, pine
Texture: Whispy

Color: Green with orange hairsThe strain Jack Herer may just be more popular than the man behind it, cannabis activist and author of Emperor wears no clothes. Upon smoking this magical sativa dominant strain a cerebral elevation was noted immediately leaving us in a blissful state, though clear-headed enough to do the daily tasks that needed to be done. Smoking Jack Herer in the morning is a superb experience as it energizes and uplifts the mood while you think about the day ahead. Orginally cultivated in the mid 90's and later as a medicinal strain, Jack herer stands its ground as one of the top strains for productivity and depression out there.


Durban Poison - Reviewed by CannadorÆ teamType: Sativa 
Nose: Lemon and orange
Taste: Citrus and pine
Texture: Leafy and wispy 
Color: Vibrant light green

We can't rave enough about this strain because of the energy it gives you. No need for coffee after a hit of this strain. In our experience, this strain turns us into busy bees with a robot-like focus. It's great for getting menial tasks done as well as some knowledge work, but take it easy because this strain is potent. It's known as the hash plant for a reason, it's loaded with trichomes. Originally from South Africa, this cultivar is a landrace and has been cross-bred with hundreds of different strains worldwide.