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Shopping for cannabis humidors in Canada

Shopping for cannabis humidors in Canada

Shopping for cannabis humidors in Canada

March 23, 2018 Cannabis Lifestyle

Shopping for cannabis humidors in Canada

Dear, Canadians! We've been getting a lot of inquiries from you lately about when we're going to start selling in Canada, and so now's the time! We have officially set up shop in Canada to make things easier for Canadian customers and we can now ship our products from within Canada. 

Canadians will have access to most of the products we retail in the United States with exception to a few accessories, but rest assured, we're working on getting there! We will be in full swing by the Canadian legalization roll-out date and we'll be hitting retail stores all along the way. Our exclusive distributor is located in Regina, SK at The Grow Room, a new retail concept that is a full-service destination for every type of cannabis grower, from home growers working on their first crop to experienced master growers overseeing established production facilities. Think of it like a Trader Joes of cannabis products, not necessarily your Home Depot-like agro-shop. They're more driven by customer experience and education as opposed to most agro-shops that carry a massive amount of SKUs with little customer education. Most typical agro-shops push products on newbies that they aren't familiar with and might not necessarily need, it can be a shady experience. These guys are flipping that concept on its head and making it easier for people to learn how to grow if you're a beginner.  The Grow Room will open its first location in the spring of 2018 with several other locations scheduled to open later in 2018 and 2019 across Western Canada. 

As our name suggests, The Grow Room is completely grower-centric. Whether you're a home grower working on your first crop or an experienced master grower overseeing an established production facility, our mission is to help you succeed in growing exceptional cannabis.

We are proud to offer a full range of carefully selected, best-in-class products and services to all cannabis growers and the Cannador is no exception. With a locking mechanism option and humidity control, the Cannador not only looks beautiful, it also keeps your cannabis safe and keeps it fresh. In our opinion it's the best Cannabis storage solution on the market.

Jeremy Drummond, CEO of The Grow Room, Inc. 

Canadians looking to purchase our products online can do so at 

No maple syrup jokes were used in the writing of this article.