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Ontario Cannabis Sales

Ontario Cannabis Sales

Ontario Cannabis Sales

September 02, 2018 Cannabis Economics

Ontario Projected to Lead Canadian Marijuana Sales

During the first two months of 2018, Deloitte surveyed current recreational cannabis consumers in Canada to gain inside information into consumption levels, types of products consumers are interested in, and their preferred retail channels. After a careful analysis of the results of the survey, the conclusion appears to be consistent with previous findings. Starting with the projected market size in Canada for the year 2019, which was previously projected to be around $7 billion, although some analysts projected that it might even hit $10 billion.

The total cannabis market in Canada, consisting of the medical, illegal, and legal recreational products, is expected to come around at $7.17 billion in sales next year. Around $4.34 billion is projected to come from the legal recreational market, according to the survey. Medical cannabis in Canada is projected to make $0.77 billion to $1.79 billion in sales, and the illegal market should bring in another half a billion to one billion dollars.

Once those three are added together, we get the total size of the market in Canada for 2019. Ontario is projected to have the biggest cannabis market out of all the provinces, although the western provinces aren’t falling behind too much. Quebec is going to be right behind Ontario as the provincial government has already secured a very adequate supply deal, and its producers have the cheapest production rate when compared to producers from other provinces.