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Does CBD Affect You Differently In Oil VS Flower? 

Does CBD Affect You Differently In Oil VS Flower? 

Does CBD Affect You Differently In Oil VS Flower? 

August 02, 2021 Cannabis Science

Does CBD Affect You Differently In Oil VS Flower? 


From the moment when people understood that THC isn’t the only compound of cannabis, they’ve been looking to learn more about the other ingredients of the plant and test their properties. Chances are, you’ve already heard a lot about cannabidiol, or CBD, because it’s one of the most exciting ingredients of cannabis, thanks to its numerous beneficial features.

To begin with, CBD is very different from THC because it doesn’t cause a high like THC. CBD is a cannabinoid, a natural compound found in cannabis and hemp, frequently used as a medicine or a dietary supplement that can help with pain, seizures, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s muscle disorders, and depression.


However, whether you’re shopping for CBD online or in your closest cannabis dispensary, you’ve likely noticed just how many different CBD products in various forms there are, which can create confusion among consumers. Among the most popular products from CBD are oils and flowers, which begs the question, are there any notable differences between the two? And if so, is one option better than the other, and does CBD affect you differently in oil vs flower form? 


Below, we’ll lay out everything you should know about the CBD oil vs flower differences, so if you want to know more and educate yourself on this topic, please keep reading.

CBD Flowers 

CBD flowers, also called CBD buds or simply hemp flowers, are cannabis buds specially grown and modified to contain only a tiny amount of THC and are meant for therapeutic use without any psychoactive effects. 


Unlike cannabis flower, CBD flower doesn’t produce any mind-altering effects, and even though there is little THC in these flowers, the high concentration of CBD removes any high. Instead of THC, the CBD flower is typically abundant in CBD and other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and other terpenes and flavonoids, which makes them almost identical to cannabis flowers. Essentially, CBD flowers offer a soothing experience without the high. 


So, if you enjoy the experience of smoking but at the same time you want to avoid the mind-altering or panic-inducing effects of THC, smoking or vaping a CBD flower is an excellent option for you as a consumer—pack it up, spark it up, and enjoy!

CBD Oils

CBD oils, which are basically cannabis extracts, are another great way to enjoy the life-enhancing benefits of cannabidiol. Nevertheless, the extraction process gets only the CBD out of the plant without any THC so that CBD oils are 100% THC-free. Different CBD oils come with varying potency levels depending on the plant from which the oil is extracted and the extraction process itself.


A significant advantage of CBD oils compared to other alternatives like CBD flower is that you only need a small amount of it to nourish your body. You can take CBD oil by infusing it into your favorite food or drink or use it sublingually by placing drops directly under your tongue. CBD oils are powerful and versatile ways to consistently sustain your body with high amounts of CBD for lasting support.

CBD Oil vs Flower 

Obviously, taking CBD oils and smoking CBD flowers both offer significant benefits. Yet, is one better than the other? From our point of view, it’s truly a personal preference. While administering the daily dose of CBD oil is a healthier alternative to smoking, many people enjoy the smoking experience. That being said, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a single option. 

So long as you consult with your medical physician before use and remain mindful of your dosing, you can use both CBD oil and flower to achieve different CBD experiences. While CBD oils offer a consistent dosage of cannabidiol, smokable CBD flowers provide a peaceful and relaxing experience without the high. Other noteworthy differences regarding CBD flower vs oil include: 

CBD Flower Works Faster 

The best way to use CBD flowers is through smoking or vaping. This includes pulmonary administration or simply inhaling the flower directly into your lungs. The most significant benefit of this approach over any other oral way of using CBD is that CBD flowers work quickly. You can begin to feel its effects in approximately ten to fifteen minutes. 


Since the lungs’ whole surface area quickly absorbs the substance, the effects are more intense than any other way of consuming CBD. Also, the results kick in much faster when compared to smoking or vaping CBD oil.

CBD Flower Has An Entourage Effect 

As we previously mentioned, other than CBD and THC, the hemp flower has many different cannabinoids in its structure, including CBC, CBN, CBG, and many more. And even though these other cannabinoids still aren't researched well enough, and there's little that we know about them, two things are certain: they don't have any psychoactive effects like THC, and they work well together.


The CBD isolates like CBD oil have weaker effects when used without all other cannabinoids apart from THC. Together, these compounds are believed to cause an "entourage effect," meaning that they work in synergy to create the effects consumers love. 


With CBD flowers, you'll get this "entourage effect" whenever you decide to consume the flower. Nevertheless, you can't always expect to get this effect with CBD oil because there are often missing components. Moreover, in CBD oils, the other cannabinoids are often added separately, disrupting the plant's original formula.

Dosing Is Certainly Easier With CBD Oil 

CBD oils come in a labeled packaging with all their main ingredients outlined. They also come with an instructions leaflet for users. Determined by the product's potency and the consumer's experience, it's easy to measure your dose and get precisely the amount you need with CBD oils. Still, we advise you to get in touch with your healthcare provider before starting using CBD products to find a good product and dosage for you.    


On the other hand, with CBD flowers, dosing isn't so easy. This is because each CBD flower comes with a different THC to CBD ratio, and usually, even if it's the same breed, the proportion of the flower's ingredients is never identical. This means that consumers need to start slow and find the proper dosage. 

Final Thoughts On CBD Oil vs Flower 

In the end, both CBD oil vs flower may help you feel relaxed, less anxious or help you battle another medical issue without the ability to create a state of euphoria or “high” as cannabis or THC. Both oil and flower have their upsides and downsides, and it’s totally up to you to choose what you like more. Before using any CBD product, make sure to talk with your doctor, follow their instructions, start slow if you’re a first-time user, and source only high-quality CBD products.