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Cannabis Stash Box

Cannabis Stash Box

Cannabis Stash Box

September 23, 2016 Cannabis Storage Marijuana Storage

Cannabis Stash Box

When we initially set out on our mission to create the Cannador cannabis stash box, we weren't sure how large or how many strains (cultivars) it should contain. Now, with a better understanding of other peoples' preferences and tastes, we think we have finally perfected our weed stash box. For our latest design upgrade, we've improved a few elements from the first Cannador build. We added a double- edged seal to create an even more efficient smell-proof function. The small glass jars can hold up to a 1/4 oz and the larger glass jars can hold up to a 1/2 oz. Each jar comes with a dry-erasable re-writable label that makes it easy to identify what's inside. We also added locks with the principle that all future products will contain a lock and key. 

Cannabis Stash Box

These new weed stash boxes have space for your vapes, ginders, papers or any small accessory, which allows you to keep everything in one place. The interior of every CannadorÆ is lined with mahogany, which is a neutral wood that can maintain moisture without warping or bending over time. It also helps keep the smell at bay. 

You can safely load up this weed stash box with your skunkiest weed and have absolutely no problems with smell leakage. This is not an exaggeration or sales pitch, there's a 6-Strain sitting next to me as I write this that is completely full and you'd never know it. 

We have different sized weed stash boxes that can fit between one to two ounces with various configurations that can hold between two and six different strains. These CannadorÆ's have either a drawer underneath or nook that can fit your accoutrement like vapes, grinders, papers, etc. so you can keep everything centralized and in one location. The best part is how unassuming the exterior of the box is. We did not put any logos or anything fancy on the outside so it can easily blend in with your furniture. At first glance, it looks like a cigar humidor or jewelry box. You'd never know what's inside unless you open! 

For more information on our premium weed stash boxes, check out our store here.