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Cannabis Lounge

Cannabis Lounge

Cannabis Lounge

October 04, 2016 Cannabis Aficionado Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis Lounge

Californians are anticipating November's ballot, which will include legalizing the cultivation and sale of recreational marijuana, as well as the use for recreational purposes. Proposition 64, as the bill is called, has faced resistance from, surprisingly, growers and industry insiders, mainly over economic concerns regarding compliance and regulatory expenses. But the majority of people are excited to see this pass. California has been operating under the Compassionate Use Act passed in 1996, which legalizes marijuana consumption for medical purposes only. California medical marijuana laws are geared toward the medical community for now. Many ailments qualify, as long as its prescribed by a physician. 

When it comes to consumption on site, according to California records, SB 140 was amended in the spring of 2015 to include the phrase ìexisting law prohibits the smoking of medical marijuana in any place where smoking is prohibited by law. This bill declares that its provisions do not affect any law or regulation regarding medical marijuana.î That being said, San Francisco voted to allow legal marijuana consumption on-site and is the only city in California that permits this. 

Harvest is a premium dispensary that retails high quality cannabis. Founded by Oakland real estate investor Marty Higgins, who formerly owned a dispensary called The Hemp Center in San Francisco, Harvest sells top notch flower and concentrates and it also has a private marijuana lounge. Membership costs $100 per month and members can also rent it out for parties. Members can relax in this high-end decked out lounge to consume whatever they wish, whether that be dabbing, smoking or vaping. 

Cannador products are now sold at Harvest, so if you're a member, be sure to check out our selection of products at this well polished club. 

This November, Denver residents will decide on whether to allow marijuana lounges to exist in their city. Colorado is by far the most progressive with pioneering marijuana laws, whiche provides the rest of the country with a taste of what may come for their own neighborhoods. This time on the ballot is proposed legislation that would decide just how and where residents of Denver will be able to enjoy their cannabis.

Right now, since the passing of Amendment 64 in Colorado, recreational use of cannabis is legal in that state, however, it only allows for personal consumption in the home and behind closed doors. With exception to cigar tobacco bars, the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act bans the ability to smoke indoors and also limits smoking in hotels to 25% of the available rooms. But what if Denverites want to get social and enjoy their marijuana products at outdoor events, or at certain places of business, like a bar?

New legislation will allow for marijuana bars by opening up a permitting process, much like current liquor licensing laws, whereby a business may apply for said permit. If approved, they could then offer their customers a social gathering spot for enjoying marijuana products. That gathering spot could take one of many forms: a bar, a care, even a yoga studio. Any business whether indoors or outdoors would be able to apply, but the neighborhood would have a huge say in whether or not a business gets the license. The neighborhood would have to approve before the permit is granted. Approval would be granted via something like a local business guild or a registered neighborhood organization. Itís still too early to tell whether Denver will get its marijuana bars, or clubs, but weíll definitely be watching that cityís ballot outcomes come this November.