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Best Way To Store Marijuana

Best Way To Store Marijuana

Best Way To Store Marijuana

August 06, 2015 Marijuana Storage

Best Way To Store Marijuana 

There are best practices when storing marijuana to keep the trichomes potent and sticky, but four primary factors need to be considered when it comes down to marijuana storage. If youíre someone who likes to smoke and keep marijuana on hand, these components could wind up being critical to quality buds. We don't care if youíre a connoisseur or just a casual enthusiast, you should always consider the condition of your weed since the flavor, longevity, potency, and taste does depend on proper storage. 


Exposure to Sunlight 

More specifically, exposure to UVB, or the type of light responsible for sunburns, reduces the THC levels in weed after cultivation. On the opposite when growing marijuana UVB is a prime component, and it is very important to note this difference. Potency decreases when THC levels degrade, and potency easily refers to the effect marijuana has on you once you consume it. Just be sure to remember, keep your stash in a dark and cool area. 

Exposure to Air 

Being exposed to oxygen also degrades THC, meaning, the less you leave your marijuana exposed to air, the better. One method uses nitrogen because nitrogen disperses oxygen. This is performed by flushing your container with nitrogen, which is a tasteless, odorless gas. Nitrogen is commonly injected into our food packaging, like a bag of chips, because it prevents bacteria and mold from growing. 

Moisture Control 

Humidity is one of the most forgotten, yet important factors for a couple different reasons. If there is too much moisture, your bud has the potential for mold growth, while too little moisture can lead your bud to dry out. When weed becomes dried out it makes the trichomes tasteless, and brittle, potentially breaking off altogether. The ideal range of humidity should be between 50% to 65% RH, which is much lower than what cigars are kept at. There is a myth that is unfortunately used too often and needs to be debunked, adding fruit to your weed as a way to add moisture is not a beneficial method. Adding fruit to your stash container is actually one of the worst things that you can do. As the fruit sits and dries it acts similar to a sponge, releasing all of its moisture too quickly, which causes dramatically high humidity levels. Eventually, the fruit will start to decay inviting bacteria and mold growth to any other organic matter inside of the container, and weed is certainly organic matter. Using a 2-way humidity system will prevent destroying your weed by absorbing and emitting moisture in a perfect ratio to stabilize the water-vapor. We recommend using BovedaÆ products as well as the Humidity Bead SystemÆ. 


Geography and Climate 

All over the world, you will come across different humidity levels that also change with every season. As the temperature changes so will humidity, this is also true inside of your home, making the ambient temperature inside of your house an important thing to think about. Let's use the south as an example, in the south it is much hotter and humid, and in most homes, the air conditioner is on most of the day, which will dry out the air. A lower temperature usually pairs with low humidity, so even though it is humid outside does not mean it is humid inside of your home. On the contrary, in the north, winters can get so cold that humidity levels drop into the teens, making for some extremely dry conditions. 


Dry Bud Revival 

We've all experienced the issue of dry bud at some point, but we have good news for those that this happens to, moisture can easily revive your flower. The trichomes in your bud will swell or wither as moisture enters and leaves. If the buds have been cured too quickly, an evaporative loss will happen at a much faster rate, whereas if they have been cured correctly it will take a much longer time for your bud to fully lose its water. We can't forget about the impact genetics also have. There are marijuana strains that are genetically predisposed to grow mold easier than others, regardless of whether specific moisture thresholds have been met. This is also true for their susceptibility to fighting bacteria.