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Best Storage For Weed

Best Storage For Weed

Best Storage For Weed

February 11, 2015 Cannabis Storage

Best Storage For Weed 


What happens when you forget about humidity and store your weed in dry conditions? 

We can't say it enough that at Cannador, we strive to innovate, learn about, and educate about the best storage for weed. As a part of our research, we wanted to share with you what we discovered happens to weed when conditions are different for storing. Whether you store weed for long periods of time, are curious about storing weed, or just like to read, then check out what we found through this study. 

So first, we took two different containers to store our weed, watching what happened throughout a one-month period. Both containers were opened once every three days in order to expose the weed to air, this was done to replicate actual use, and yes, we are aware that is rather understated for most smokers. Container number one was a clear plastic screw-top jar, that we kept in a basement with an average temperature of 50F and 28% RH. Storage container number two was a clear mason jar held in a room with an average temperature of 63F and 42% RH. Saving the best for last, number three was our ìcontrolî, two Cannadors were used and kept beside both of the other containers experiencing the same temperature and RH. The Cannador variable that we used was the humidity method, using both the Humidity Bead System and Boveda.  Sitting next to the clear plastic screw-top jar was the Cannador using a 60% Humidity Bead System, the other Cannador, next to the mason jar, carried two large 62% Boveda Packs. 

Let's take a look at the screw top plastic container. Thought the container was sealed, and only opened every three days, after just one month the weed had become so dry that it crumbled into a pile just by pinching it. Can you believe some people smoke their herb like this? Next to it, the Cannador, held satisfactory hydration with a 60% Humidity Bead System. The Cannador did well at preserving the flower, and trichomes, which could be pressed flat by pinching it without anything breaking it apart. 

The mason jar was held in a room with a slightly higher RH, but the weed still crumbled easily due to being noticeably dry. Again, the Cannador, this time holding two large Boveda packs, sat next to the mason jar and when we pulled out the weed it still had a bounce to it, even after a month. 

Granted, this was not the most advanced or scientific experiment we have conducted, we intentionally wanted to create this test geared towards a normal household environment so that we could visibly see the differences in a normal everyday setting. If the Humidity Bead System or Boveda packs been stored with the weed in either the plastic screw-top jar or mason jar, the results may have stood a chance against the Cannador, but who doesn't want to test the success of their own products first!?