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Products That Go Perfectly with Cannador - Luxury Marijuana Products

Products That Go Perfectly with Cannador - Luxury Marijuana Products

Products That Go Perfectly with Cannador - Luxury Marijuana Products

February 04, 2016 Cannabis Lifestyle

Products That Go Perfectly with Cannador

In our continuing effort to explore new and fun products that compliment the Cannador, we came upon a couple products this past holiday season that we thoroughly enjoy. We believe you will too, and that they compliment your Cannador perfectly.

The Grasshopper Vaporizer is one of the most unique pens youíll ever see. It looks like an actual pen, but this vape was developed by a few NASA brainiacs that started working on a drone project and then quickly shifted gears to make a new and unique vaporizer. We can only assume vapes were more fun to build. Well at least more fun to test, anyway. They started an Indiegogo campaign with the goal of raising $100k and exceeded that target by $166k. They were clearly overwhelmed because they also surpassed their estimated delivery date by two years. Nonetheless, we patiently waited and are happy with the delivery. Theyíve used a convection oven, so the harder you draw, the faster the turbine spins meaning the quicker and hotter your bud gets heated. This means within seconds you can start hitting, which is unlike most other vapes that require you to wait for the chamber to heat up. We like its versatility, ease of use and durability. It comes in either titanium or stainless steel.

The KizzleKit is a small tool-set that has everything you need for a smoking session. It comes with a roach clip, double-edged pipe cleaning tool, shovel and a pair of scissors. We love using these tools because they keep your hands clean, free from getting sticky, and they are magnetized within the carrying case, so they wonít easily fall out when you transport them. The shovel is great because you can scoop out your grindings directly from the grinder and load into your vape, pipe, or joint. You can use the other end to pack it in and make it tight for a full smoke. The cleaning tool has a curved pointer on one end and a spear on the other, which is great for cleaning out resin and burnt buds. We feel that this kit is a must-have for any connoisseur and fits within the Cannador nicely.