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5 Quality Canadian Cannabis Accessories

5 Quality Canadian Cannabis Accessories

5 Quality Canadian Cannabis Accessories

August 02, 2021 Cannabis Lifestyle

Here Are 5 Quality Canadian Cannabis Accessories

As Canada entirely legalized recreational marijuana, the craving for stylish ways to partake in it has never been higher. No longer must you screen through storefront cases for low-cost pieces that will eventually fade and break as there are plenty of options nowadays. All kinds of stores, brands, and designers want in on the market for good-looking and fully functional merchandise, coming up with cannabis accessories with casual smokers and cannabis lovers in mind.

In fact, the cannabis accessories scene could one day rival the prevalence of drinking-inspired products. Nowadays, there are literally countless methods to consume cannabis, which means it’s one of the most gear-intensive hobbies out there. Canadian laws also offer you to have the freedom and naturally incorporate cannabis into your daily life in ways that feel most genuine to you. Whether we talk about cannabis storage units, grinders, handcrafted ceramic bongs, pipes, rolling papers, just to name a few, there is a lot of gear that is worth adding to your arsenal.


Canadian companies have a lot of paraphernalia hidden under their sleeves waiting for you to discover. With all this in mind, here are the five best cannabis accessories from companies based out of Canada that every cannabis lover needs for optimal medication and recreation.

Cannador’s Stash Boxes 

If you want to comfortably separate and store your different cannabis strains, regulate humidity to ensure your buds stay fresh and long-lasting, or you’re constantly on the go and want to have your cannabis collection with you at all times, we recommend you take a closer look at the Cannador cannabis stash box. 


These both functional and aesthetically pleasing weed storage boxes are one of the best cannabis accessories out there for short and long-term storage of your strains that can preserve your buds by controlling humidity levels at the ideal ratio to maintain freshness and taste. Also, Cannador’s stash boxes are fantastic for dry-bud revival and come with a double-edged seal to create a 100% efficient smell-proof function.




Once you open the box’s lid, you will find small glass jars that can hold up to 7.08 grams of product each. Depending on your preferences, you can go with two, four, six, eight, or a nine-jar box where each glass jar comes with a dry-erasable rewritable label that makes it easy to identify the strain that’s inside them.


Besides weed jars, Cannador’s stash boxes come with storing space for your grinders, rolling papers, vapes, and other small accessories, which allow you to stash everything in one place. The interior of every box is lined with mahogany, a neutral type of wood that can maintain moisture without warping or bending over time.


The boxes’ exterior is completely unassuming as there aren’t any logos or anything fancy written on the outside, so it can smoothly blend in with your furniture and home setting. At first sight, the boxes seem like they’re cigar humidors or jewelry boxes, so you’d never know what’s inside unless you open them.


In case you’re a proficient cannabis consumer who’s interested in keeping your weed fresh and well prepared at all times, we advise you to take a closer look at Cannador’s products and track down the perfect box according to your everyday needs. 


Canadian Lumber’s Rolling Papers 

Canadian Lumber is a company that started in Halifax, determined to produce Canada's best rolling papers. Considering that providing Canadian cannabis consumers with the cleanest and highest quality rolling papers is their primary focus, Canadian Lumber doesn't offer a wide variety of cannabis accessories aside from the essentials: rolling papers and rolling trays. 




Canadian Lumber rolling papers are 100% natural, even down to the sustainably sourced Arabic Gum used for the seal. Their rolling papers are unrefined and unbleached, providing a product with evident, intact fibers within every piece resulting in a natural and slow burn. 


They offer three signature rolling papers: the Woods—rolling papers made out of the wood pulp, the Greens, 100% hemp papers, and the Hippy ones—50% hemp and 50% flaxseed. All Canadian Lumber papers are tested in a university lab and hold the TUV SUD Certificate to ensure they are all-natural and safe to consume.

Cheech Glass’s Bongs And More 

Cheech Glass is a Canadian accessories company that sells bongs, pipes, dab rigs, grinders, and more. The company was established back in 2010 in Toronto by a man who craved to design high-quality glassware accessories with innovative designs that could be purchased at reasonable prices by everyday cannabis consumers.


The brand's popularity grew exponentially as Cheech Glass became synonymous with high quality, fair prices, and innovative new designs. Besides having the most extensive glass collection in the industry, Cheech Glass also soon set the record for becoming the quickest growing glass name in Canada with many international and nationwide distributors.


OHAI’s Joint Ring 

OHAI is a Canadian cannabis accessories company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company’s founder, Emily Leung, created this brand because she wanted accessories that fit her lifestyle and personality. In her own words, when she started using cannabis for the first time, she found the accessory options were minimal for users, and nothing was aesthetically appealing for a woman. Ever since then, OHAI has grown into a nationally recognized company thanks to the efforts of the all-women freelance team. 


The company aims to elevate the conventional style of cannabis tools and accessories and create ones that enable women to shine with empowerment and confidence while embracing the “higher” things in life. Just take a look at the ultra-elegant OHAI Joint Ring that will add a sprinkle of elegance to your self-love ritual. The little ring will keep your joint secure at all times so that you can enjoy every toke from beginning to end.



Cannador®’s Leather Travel Case


This fantastic coffee brown-colored, genuine leather travel case from MyCannador is one of the best cannabis accessories for consumers who are constantly on the move or preparing themselves for a nice two-week getaway.Made out of genuine leather by a family-owned leather company in the Dominican Republic with over 100 years of tradition, and a TiZip zipper technology made in Germany, this leather travel case may be the perfect birthday gift for someone special. 


The case’s interior is transposable and could be custom configured to store up to six 7.08 g glass cups, four 14.17 g glass cups, or two glass jars that can fit 28.34 g of product each. 


The interior’s top and bottom are lined with black leather. There’s a mesh net pocket beside nylon velcro straps on the interior lid that makes the carrying of vapes and other small cannabis accessories possible. The bottom interior of the leather travel case features a grinder station where you can secure a grinder using the bottom nylon straps.  


To make sure that the case will forever stay out of other people’s hands, you can additionally purchase a TSA combination lock.


Bottom Line 

Lately, with the introduction of various Canadian cannabis accessories, cannabis consumption in the Great White North has never been more fun. Whether you need a new weed storage unit or just another glass bong—pick your “poison of choice” and experience a new dimension of high!